>New Particledots Studio – Version 1


I moved in to a new house in mid Feb 09.

Over the last few days I have started to (slowly) reconstruct my studio space.

This space is about 3 times bigger than my previous one measuring is approx 11′ x 27′. The old space was about 11’x11′.

Amazingly I got all of this stuff in to the old place and for some weird reason I have struggled to get it into the bigger place. I have also struggled with the acoustics in this new room. The whole house has tiled floor. I added a sizeable area rug to this room to dampen down some erreant reverberation reflections. I also acted on suggestions from some people on the music website ‘macjams.com’ and installed some bookshelves along the ‘back wall’…these are directly opposite the speakers. I am also thinking of adding some acoustic tiling behind the speakers and maybe in the corners of the room.

If anyone has some advice on a good way of proceeding to the next step, I would love to hear from you



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