>New Particledots Studio – Version 1.05


An update on the new PD studio. A lot miscellaneous tidying up of wires and cables…still many to do and many to actually connect. After watching a bunch of Darren Hayman videos on youtube recently, there was one where he has his guitars hung up on the wall…so I thought I would copy him. I purchased some Auralex foam tiles (following a suggestion from racerat on macjams.com) and have temporarily attached them to some plywood and just leaned them against the wall behind the speakers. I also got some of the Auralex foam speaker pads. I have to say the sound in the room has improved a lot since I added them. I am toying with painting the walls and so I am holding off mounting the Auralex tiles more permanently just yet. The giant head on one of the notice boards is a youthful me (I think was 19 or 20 when that pic was taken) In my old band, we once toyed with the idea of making multiple copies of that ‘head shot’ and using them as masks for our live shows (ala the Residents with their giant eyeball heads)


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