Creative Re-Boot – June 2011

>I have found myself in a bit of a creative slump recently in regards to music.

In order to address this I am going to attempt the following over the month of June

1)Work on a music related project for at least one hour per day

2)Create at least one new musical ‘idea’ per day; this may be a simple loop/musical texture or even a finished piece. The idea is that I will create a bunch of stuff that I can either work with on my own or as part of sonicmagpie or APOD (or other potential collaborators I may not be aware of yet)

3)During the month, I will try to incorporate at least once every single instrument I have (this includes 2 acoustic guitars, 2 ukuleles, a glockenspiel, an electric guitar, a bass, a korg monotron, an iOS device, coconut shells, vocals and a couple of different mics)

I will add to this list later if I have forgotten anything

4)I will try to utilize the oblique strategies each day during this period

5)I will post thoughts/reflections on the progress of this at least every couple of days (to keep me on track)


4 thoughts on “Creative Re-Boot – June 2011

  1. >That's much more ambitious than my response to a slump. I sometimes consider doing absolutely no music activity of any kind until I really miss it and then hoping coming back hungry will lead to something new and better. Of course I'm not disciplined enough to do that so I muddle through with some half baked ideas and fair bit of self loathing till I'm too embarrassed to post anything at all. But that doesn't stop me from posting some throwaway stuff in the meantime. At the moment I'm just trying to get Airport Seven to not suck when we play our next show on the 11th. Good luck with your endeavor – I suspect I'll be hearing some of the progress you make as you go along.

  2. >B, you could play a cheese grater with a wooden spoon and find a way to make it sound innovative and interesting :)I'm really looking forward to hearing the results of your re-boot!

  3. >you on a creative slump!! i hadn't noticed, but good luck with your reboot anyway. I kinda like the way your very structured and direct strategy for the month will incorporate the opposite – oblique ones too 🙂

  4. >I hope you include self-forgiveness if you don't accomplish all you have set forth. Sometimes we need a break to rest or refill our creative wells, or to wander and stumble on new creative pathways.Have you ever considered painting or writing? Do you keep a journal?

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