Creative Reboot – Update 2 – June 5th – 11th, 13:00, Practical Art, Phoenix Arizona

>See Update #1 for info about tracks recorded between June 1 and 4

June 5th
everyone’s friends with their shadow: i have noticed recently that a lot of people seem to be photographing their shadows or making their shadows a focal part of the pictures they are taking. I did it myself recently while i was on vacation. These shadow photographs at least inspired the title of the piece.

The music is the result of me playing around with a whole host of patches for the ES2synth that my friend michael sent to me. One of the thing i decided to try and do with this creative reboot was to tap into the sonic potential of instruments i don’t normally use. The ES2 is one of them – michael’s patches gave me the ideal opportunity to explore a bit. The music itself is a simple construct built on a couple of theremin sounds (two theremin sounds from the Es2 and one from the Es1) along with various lo-fi bass sounds and other sci-fi atmospherics. One minute and one second in length – I think this one will evolve quite nicely.

Cheers for the patches michael(and also making me think a bit more about saving my own synth patches in logic a bit more carefully)

why can’t anyone see my world – in feb 2011 i was involved in the RPM challenge and as a result made 2 CDs – one with sonicmagpie and the other with APOD. One of the tracks from the APOD Cd is called HAMMERHEAD. Written and sang by Bud, I decided to steal part of the lead vocal track and work up a new backing. The feel of hammerhead always reminded me somewhat of ‘frankie teardrop’ by Suicide (although the APOD track actually sounds nothing like suicide. An opportunity to play with a two chord riff with various glitch embellishments. (I also kept some of Buds original guitar noises and his ‘cale piano’ track.

June 6th

6-6-11. the date is in the song. a single note electronic pulse counts 1,2,3,4,5,6 – space – 1,2,3,4,5,6 – space – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 – space (repeat throughout the 2:48 of the song) On top of the pulse are a couple of counterpointed melodies that weave around the 6-6-11 pulse. For some reason this reminds me of some of the more serene Aphex Twin tracks when i listen back to it now a few days later.

I did a second version of the track using some CR78 drum machine samples – a simple beat that somehow gives it an even more european electronic feel

The synth i used on this piece was Da Hornet – a software emulation of an old plastic synth called ‘the wasp’ I used to own one of these back in 1979 and we used it in an early line up of the band i played in. I think I sold it for 50 quid or something back in the day…i wish i wish i had kept it

June 7th
Stanton – i decided to mix things up a little bit by getting out the guitar and bass. One of the things i have been deliberately trying to do is to use more ‘muted’ sounds – basically turing the treble down. that is what i started off with here on the first guitar track – a heavily vibrato’d tone muted guitar sound. the other guitar overlays are a couple of crunchy rhythm tracks and the bass is a deep dubby thud that dances around the drum loop and the guitar rhythms.

Y-don’t – further work/development on the Miss Redd track mentioned in update 1
on this version i have added multiple guitars. i tried adding bass but it didn’t work well with that lush, deep synth. All guitar effects came from guitar rig 4

June 8th – another day a different synth. preliminary title is ‘i want to be a carpenter’. it wasn’t intentional when i started but this track ended up sounding like some of the soundtracks that john carpenter composed for his movies. Have absolutely no idea what the time signature on this is – if any of you musical gurus out there know let me know (i bet it will end up being a regular 4/4 – ha – just sounds a bit different to my ears) chime FM-like arpeggios and a subtle wailing feedback synth noise floating in the background….the tick tock rim shot sound gradually has an echo effect introduced which put me in mind of a track from another green world. i would be curious to hear what mystified could conjure up with this track…

June 9th –
Two tracks made using the TAL noisemaker synth – no other effects or processing used. this one of them sounds like it belongs with some of the OSX86 series tracks made by my alter ego ‘marlon’

the second track uses some of the same components but has a totally different feel – this wouldn’t be too out of place on a tuxedomoon record i think – again exclusively made using the TAL noisemaker synth

y-dont – further development of the Miss Redd track – this version has the vocal track re-tuned in melodyne – i am thinking it might be necessary to comp the re-tuned and original tracks in parts to get the best results

June 10th

This sketch starts off in a harsh place – but gradually finds a sweet spot with big analog synth chords and over the top vibrato/modulation

brent miles – prarie loop (1) a while ago i did a few rehearsals with local musician brent miles one of the songs we considered doing was a version of his fantastic ‘prarie loop’ brent constructed his version using digital delay guitar pedals…creating loops on the fly … i made the initial version you hear here using the chordbot app and then exporting the midi into logic audio….very different from brent’s approach. on this version i overlaid some additional guitar sounds of my own. the melody came from mystified and i am hoping that sonicmagpie will develop this further. this sounds like a lost track from the apollo soundtrack cd

brent miles prarie loop (2): at normal tempo and pitch – sounds very space age country westernish….which is very apt methinks

June 11th

Track one was created using ipod apps minicomposer and tune in radio pro – an app that allows you to stream loads of radio stations across the world. i tuned into a talk radio show talking about brain physiology and ran the audio into logic pro. i applied some pitch/vocoder effects to the voices

track 2 is a further development of the track 6-6-11 using the date/number 6-11-6 (except i sequenced the number using the UK method of doing the date 11-6-6)

confused – you will be

i also have a number of chordbot midi files to work on at some point


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