In Transition

Cat and I have decided to work on a new project called ‘In Transition’.

This will follow on from the ‘In LiMbo’ CD that we made earlier this year as part of the RPM challenge.

Our idea for ‘In Transition’ is to use some of the raw ideas and sounds that were created during the June ‘creative reboot’ as source material and to shape them into something new.  The project will have 4 distinct sections – reliant on each other but also discreetly separate and viable as individual collections.

Here is the road map for the project

Part One is the vast body of rough sketch material that was created in June.  This is done and is complete in its own unfinished way.

Part Two: Cat is slowly working her way through all the material from June and for certain selected tracks, she is quickly improvising vocal ideas – mainly using the pin-hole mic on her mac book, putting the pieces she chooses into Logic Audio and simply singing on top of them.  So far, 5 new songs have been created using this methodology.  I will update the list as it grows.  Out of all the pieces I made, we envisage there will be between 10 – 15 songs created.  When that is done, part two will be complete.

Part Three:  We are going to take all the songs that we create in part two and work on adding some better production values and ‘polish’.  It is almost like using what comes out of phase two of this project as ‘demos’.  The end result of part three will be a ‘redux version’ of part two.  At this point, we don’t know exactly how this will work out but in going through the process of actually ‘producing’ these songs as if we are making a CD, it is possible that there maybe be completely new instrumentation, arrangements and different approaches to the material.  I would like to keep a totally open ‘anything goes’  attitude to phase 3 of this project, even including the possibility of asking guest musicians to help us realize the final versions of the songs if appropriate.

Having worked with Cat on many musical projects in the past and specifically on the ‘In LiMbo’ CD, I have no doubt that we can do this.

The really nice thing about the prospect of working on this music in this way is that we can take our time, unlike the approach we had to take with ‘In Limbo’ which had to be written, recorded, produced and a CD made – all in the month of February

Part Four: We have talked about the possibility of doing videos for each track after phase 3 is completed.  To me this will be the most challenging aspect of this project and beyond saying that we are going to try to do it…I don’t want to think about ‘how’ at the moment.

‘In Transition’ may become a set of 4 CDs,  it may be a 4-part project that resides either on macjams or other websites – or both.  It may become something entirely different….

Here are the tracks so far chosen for part one of the project

In Transition (Initial tracklist for part one)

In Transition (Cat’s Vocals for part two)
















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