Part 1: February 2010 – Month of Sundays/Let Your Mind Stay

In 2010, I was invited to participate for the first time in the RPM Challenge by my friend Kevin from Brooklyn. 

For this collection of tunes, we called ourselves Month of Sundays. 

From the initial suggestion to the mailing of the final CD, Kevin was a big motivator for this project. 

As I remember, the workflow went like this; Kevin came up with a lot of ideas very quickly early on, mainly guitar based, edgy pop tunes.  I can remember throwing a couple of things into the pot myself but I found myself having more of a responsibility on the mixing/production side as things progressed. 

I found it extremely helpful to be collaborating with someone who was able to keep the ball rolling, offering encouragement and suggestions and generally all round motivation.  It was invaluable to me.  I remember one specific evening around the third week, where I had personally lost all perspective with the project and wasn’t feeling very confident about the whole thing.  Kevin suggested that we basically pause and we had a lengthy phone call where he reviewed each track, almost like it was being critiqued in a music magazine. 

That phone call was priceless and such a pivotal moment in the whole process of the Month of Sundays project that it allowed me to see the worth in what we had done and to actually feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Kevin hosted a listening party for the Month of Sunday recordings at his house in Brooklyn and I attended as a disembodied floating head on a laptop screen via skype.

The month of Sundays RPM album can be found here:


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