Part 3 RPM 2013: Ideas and Possibilities as seen from the end of 2012

Here are 8 ideas where the RPM challange in 2013 might take me…I have just got to make a choice on which path to take at some point.

I will add more possibilities and potentials if and when I think of them

1) Ask Outposters to send me one or two photographs. I will choose 10 pictures from those I get. This will become the inspiration for the songs and also the song art for each track. An ‘oblique collaboration’
2) Choose a very limited palette of instruments, maybe unusual combinations (eg nylon string guitar and monotron – with vox) Construct songs only using this palette.
3) Create 2 CDs – week 1 create a demo CD using only acoustic or electric guitar. Week 2 – 3 fine tune and orchestrate/arrange the songs – rough/smooth concept? This could be a great approach, but might also become limiting/frustrating if I make myself stick to the plan
4) Here in Phoenix, there is an art walk which takes place on the first Friday of each month. I like wandering around these art walks and invariably stumble across something interesting. As ‘first Friday’ is Feb 1st, it might be interesting to wander round collecting raw material from various locations and create an ambient/soundscape based on these sounds – maybe try to pull in some locals for specific collaboration? A bit of a ‘concept’ album in a way. Depending n what material I get, this might be one of the easier options.
5) Guitar rig based frippertronic-like collection of songs or instrumentals
6) Collaborate with M2, Bud, Cat? Mungo? Others?
7) A ‘degenerative’ music experiment where each successive track is a mutation of the previous track – so by track 10, things have devolved that they may bear no resemblance to track 1
8) Create a fake band with a fake history and take it from there depending on what the fake band’s history suggests. Even better, ask someone else to create a whole fake band history for me and then ‘drop it on me’ on February 1st


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