RPM 2013. Thoughts from the mid-point

Yesterday i sequenced some of the tracks I have made with Haley’s voice and violin together in a dummy run for what might become the finished CD

I have been saving all the works in progress to a dropbox folder that i titled ‘Inside Haley’s Head’  Without an alternative title for the CD at this point I have suggested to Haley that this is what we might call it.  Not sure if she will agree

Out of all the tracks i have constructed, i selected 12.  This may not be the final 12 and there may end up being more or less tracks than this.  I decided earlier this week that i wont spend too much time fretting about mixing and producing this material, mainly because a heavy load at work is making me mentally exhausted most nights and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer analyzing stuff (like mixes) when i get back home.  

That being said, i am pleasantly surprised with the coherence of the project as a whole when i listen to it in this format.  I am glad that i decided to incorporate and build many of the pieces around Haley’s violin playing which i recorded on feb 1st.  Of course, her story telling about the experiences of epilepsy and brain surgery are key to the glue and the consistency of the piece as well and listen to as whole the CD has a very haunting quality.


Some of the tracks veer from atonal drone like soundscapes, to stuff that Tuxedomoon may have made back in the early 80s, to penguin cafe orchestra-like vignettes and there is even one piece that is somewhat reminiscent of a fragment from the smile (or maybe smiley smile) sessions.

I should also add that I have been listening to the progress of a couple of other RPMers..kevin Bud Jones and Bill Flynn, both of whom i have collaborated with in varying degrees in the past.  Bill has kindly shared a couple of his Logic Audio files with me as he has been working.  I was also very interested by one of his ‘work in progress’ pieces which is just played on electric piano.  I suggested that he reverse the whole thing and play the file at half speed.  He did this on my suggestion and sent me the file saying he didnt like the result very much.  I did!! So i took his file, cut it into tiny pieces and reassembled it at random and then built a whole new piece around it.  This is now called ‘The Brain Remembers How to have Seizures’ on our CD and it is one of my favorites.  Kevin has been encouraging people to collaborate with him on a ‘duet’ project.  He is only allowed to use his pro-one analog synth and his collaborator can only use one instrument or their voice themselves.  I have adapted the piece i did with Kevin and have used it on our CD also…so many thanks to both of you.

My next steps are to think about some additional audio clips from Haley’s ‘interviews’ on some of the pieces.  I will also probably to do some rudimentary tidying up of the mixes/arrangements tomorrow, as well as think of titles for some of the untitled pieces.  I will not deviate from the ‘kindergarten’ approach to production and mixing i have adopted for this project.  I also need to be thinking of some liner notes and cover art.  I might make some photos with Haley if she is available but i might also just use some random pictures from my rapidly growing collection of photo experiments of my own

I wish I wasnt feeling so exhausted most days from my real job, this might sound and feel very different if that aspect of my life was different at the moment

Lets see what the next week brings…


One thought on “RPM 2013. Thoughts from the mid-point

  1. Thanks for the update. I think it’s good that some of us – if not many are taking a more relaxed and at the same time more creative approach to the challenge. It’s a good life lesson.

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