Idea for multi-language voice project

Objective – to create a collection of 10 -12 audio pieces using two or more languages for each piece, attempting to capture and enhance the natural ‘musicality’ of the spoken voice

Participants can contribute whatever they wish. For example  a poem, a story, a description of some kind of sensory stimuli, a description of physical or emotional feelings, a memory…. 

Basic idea – 2 recordings of the same material will be needed, one in English and one in the second language of choice.  I can capture the voices with recording equipment I have or participants can make recordings on their own equipment such as phones/pods/pads/computers etc and send the audio files to me via dropbox or email.

Ideally I would like the recordings to be between 1 – 5 minutes long (maybe a little longer). 

I would prefer to obtain recordings with little to no background noise if possible.  However I can foresee that  if erroneous background noise is present it may be possible to incorporate it into the final project in a creative way as the mixing stage progresses.

When each person has recorded the two versions of whatever material they wish to share, I will attempt to find ways of making the 2 readings work well together as a single piece – running simultaneously in left/right channels, fading in and out from one language to the next, overlapping/colliding with each other….just a few options from many possibilities . Depending on how the individual recordings progress, it may be an option complement the voices with other sounds or music (whoever participates and what they end up talking about will determine my approach on this)

I am interested in the qualities of the voices as much as the words that are spoken. 

I am interested in exploring the interplay between the two voices and how it may affect the perception of the meaning of the words being spoken

I would like to encourage collaborative dialogue at all levels of the process

The final outcome of the project will be dependent upon who participates and what they talk about.

Initial stage will be identifying people who would be interested in and then gathering participating the gathering of raw material – people’s voices

Although individual components may come together relatively quickly, I envisage that the project as a whole will take at least a few months to come together

Current list of possible participants

Name:  Pamela Zimmer 
Languages:  English/Japanese
Memories of Japanese train rides

Name:  Jana Foley (Miss Redd)
Languages:  English/French
Subject: Taming The Beast

Name:  Ernesto Monacada
Languages:  English/Spanish
Subject: To be determined

Name:  Anna Caramana
Languages:  English/???/Feline
Subject:  To be determined

Name: Wendy Antipow
Languages: English/Dutch (also, possibly German/French)
Subject: To be determined


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