Spoken Word

Breathe. (Ursula Kay Vos – Phx, AZ)

My mind is rushing like 22 seconds to go until that plane hits the ground and you’ve died before I finish this sentence!
Every detail of my day flashes,,, only 21 seconds to go…

My abandoned New Years resolutions combine with every time I cried,,, 20 seconds to go

My many friends, people come and gone fill my sight,,, 19
every first kiss envelops my body, and I feel euphoric bliss… 18
and as my children cry for the very first time,,, I watch them grow,,, I’d die for you…

As the flash of life gives way to a flash of light, I scream
Grabbing air, I watch myself die…

I watch the emergency workers, as they clear the smoldering debris from the carnal wreckage… until they get to me….
When I awoke again, I see the masks of doctors, and finally I can sigh.. My breath into life.



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