Spoken Word

Breathe. (Ursula Kay Vos – Phx, AZ)

My mind is rushing like 22 seconds to go until that plane hits the ground and you’ve died before I finish this sentence!
Every detail of my day flashes,,, only 21 seconds to go…

My abandoned New Years resolutions combine with every time I cried,,, 20 seconds to go

My many friends, people come and gone fill my sight,,, 19
every first kiss envelops my body, and I feel euphoric bliss… 18
and as my children cry for the very first time,,, I watch them grow,,, I’d die for you…

As the flash of life gives way to a flash of light, I scream
Grabbing air, I watch myself die…

I watch the emergency workers, as they clear the smoldering debris from the carnal wreckage… until they get to me….
When I awoke again, I see the masks of doctors, and finally I can sigh.. My breath into life.



Videos and Video Production

DSO Montage May 2013 from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.

Playdate from Playdate on Vimeo.




iggy pop tour guide


http://youtu.be/5J-WpgOzW9A playing rhythm room

Joshua Tree during the 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia on Vimeo.